Powder Brows

Powder Brows are a beautiful form of permanent makeup that results in soft and natural eyebrows. Replicating the application of natural brow makeup with a pencil or powder, Powder Brows are accomplished by implanting pigment into the skin in a soft, stippling manner. Clients are left with natural-looking brows that accent and define their facial features, perfectly framing their face. Lasts +/- 18-24 months.

$900 (1 touch-up included)



Microblading replicates the look of actual brow hair. A highly effective form of permanent makeup, Microblading implants pigment into the skin. Completely customizable to the client’s desired color, shape and appearance of texture, microblading offers clients fuller, natural-looking brows. While microblading can be performed on clients with full to minimal hair, it is also a successful option for those suffering from hair loss. Lasts +/- 18 months.

$900 (1 touch-up included)

Fusion Brow

A beautiful blend of both the hair stroke and powder permanent makeup techniques to give texture and definition.

$900 (1 touch-up included)

fushion brow

Healing Process:

In total, there is a 2-week healing time. Under the implanted pigment the skin may be red. There may be minimal swelling, which usually settles between days 2-5.

Within the first 5-7 days your brows will appear significantly darker and more defined than your final look—up to 30% darker and bolder than your healed result.

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*While pain is minimal for all procedures, numbing agents are always used unless expressly requested by the client.*