Classic Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a form of permanent makeup applied to the eyelids within the lash line and above the lashes, helping to enhance, define and accentuate the eyes and lashes in a beautiful way. Additionally, this popular application helps to open the eyes, while achieving a more lifted look without invasive procedures or surgery. It is completely customizable taking into consideration your desired look, individual anatomy, and skin type. Depending on the eye anatomy, clients can choose a design with or without a wing, a soft smudged look or a more defined, crisp line. While most clients see beautiful results with black eyeliner, the option for dark blackish brown, charcoal, or even navy is available. Permanent eyeliner can last anywhere from 2-5 years and is generally recommended to have refreshed every 1-2 years, as the pigment will slowly fade over time.

$750 (1 touch-up included)

+ add additional $200 for bottom liner

Lash Enhancement Liner

Lash enhancement is a permanent makeup technique that implants pigment into the lash line around the eyes, enhancing the eyes and lashes. This results in increased depth, definition and lift for striking eyes, and lashes that instantly appear thicker and fuller. A lash enhancement is ideal for clients who desire a subtle daytime look without the noticeable application of makeup.

$650 (1 touch up included)

+ add additional $200 for bottom liner

Stardust Liner

Stardust liner is another beautiful style of permanent makeup that creates a soft, lifted wing with shading to give the edges softness and smokey look. Stardust liner also makes the lashes look thicker and fuller.


+ add additional $200 for bottom liner

Healing Process:

All types of liner usually require 5-7 days of healing.

After the flakes come off you may notice a loss of color, or faded color. This is normal. The color usually will darken day by day after initial flaking. Additionally, color will typically fade by up to 30% from initial look. This is a 2-step procedure, so at the touch-up we can implant more color to achieve the final result.

While everyone heals at different rates, please be aware that swelling and bruising during or after the procedure can be a side effect.

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*While pain is minimal for all procedures, numbing agents are always used unless expressly requested by the client.*