Lip Blush

Lip blushing is a form of permanent makeup that beautifully enhances the lips’ natural tint and shape, ideal for clients who desire the illusion of fuller lips or who have lost volume and pigment with aging. With a wide selection of colors to choose from, my approach to lip blushing defines your lips, giving them shape while offering a beautiful tint of color. The final result will resemble a matte, natural-toned lipstick look that will last for years to come!

$900+ (1 touch-up included)

What to Expect and the Healing Process:


  • Lip Blush typically has a 4-5 days healing time.
  • There may be moderate swelling, redness and bruising for the first 2 days.
  • During the initial healing period, there should be minimal scabbing or flaking of the skin. If there is some scabbing or flaking, do not pick, and allow the scab or dry skin to come off on its own. This usually takes place within the first 3 days.
  • Color may appear uneven at different stages of healing. Be patient. This is a process that does not yield immediate results. The color will mature over the course of 8 weeks.
  • Expect the color to lighten up to 20-30% once the healing process is complete.
  • Permanent Makeup does fade and is expected to last 2 to 5 years before requiring a touch-up. Maintenance touch ups are suggested for best results.
  • It can take 2 sessions prior to achieving the level of saturation you may desire. 1 touch up is included in the price.
  • Lips will appear muted in color if they become dehydrated and will become more vibrant when rehydrated.

Click Here For Full Pre and Post Care Instructions

*While pain is minimal for all procedures, numbing agents are always used unless expressly requested by the client.*